Darkness and Light: Dark Mother Goddess Kali Maa

Today I discovered in Hindu divinities a goddess that symbolizes what songwriting has often been for me; creating something from a place of darkness. My interpretation of her stories and symbols helps me understand the destructiveness that seems to always happen before I can create. 

Dark Mother Goddess Kali Maa represents the darkness from which all things were born and has the potential to both destroy and create. Kali is also known as Goddess of Death and for her bloody battles, but she is mostly a destroyer of evil forces. Her destruction is for the preservation of good and the elimination of the Ego. This is why she holds the severed head of a demon. Her complexion is often illustrated as deep blue, like the sea. She is portrayed standing on her consort Shiva, who pacified her by laying under her foot when she was on a destructive rampage. In other interpretations of the story, Shiva is also trying to receive Kali's grace by laying at her feet. Kali symbolizes female energy, fertility and Mother Nature's capacity for both darkness and light, destruction and creation. 

I think it is the strong collective energy generated by recent events, my deep connection with nature (and the awe that I've been feeling towards Mother Nature's late mood swings and pre-apocalyptic vibes) and all this symbolism in parallel with my creative process that has made me gravitate to this today, but it really speaks to me and I hope that it might do the same for someone else out there. We need to embrace the goddess within ourselves and feel empowered. We need to get to know ourselves, our nature, our cycles and patterns, and accept all of it. We need to remember that it is impossible to know light without knowing darkness. Hopefully all these negative and fearful events that have been happening and breaking our hearts will inspire CHANGE (and hopefully Kali will go destroy the ego of those mis-using/abusing their power and influence right now for evil reasons... kidding. but not really). Let's focus on the light while accepting that darkness is there too.